All Clear is a well rounded company. Not only do we do Drain & Sewer Cleaning as well as Heating & Cooling, but we also specialize in everyday plumbing needs. The scope of our work has a wide range. We can dig up your underground sewer or water lines using a backhoe or just come and fix the leaky faucet or running toilet.


We do plumbing for both residential and commercial! Not too many companies can say that. So whether it’s your home or place of business, we can help!

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Some Services We Provide

  • Appliance Installation
  • Gas Lines & Gas Valves
  • Faucets
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Leaks
  • Pumps
  • Toilets/Urinals
  • Fixing Violations
  • Washing Machine Hoses & Various Kinds of Shut-Off Valves
  • Water Meters for Irrigation
  • Well Tanks

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professional appliance installation with warranty

Appliance Installation

We install all types of appliances. Perhaps you want to relocate your washer and dryer to a different floor of the house, or maybe you just got a new fridge and need a water line run for the ice maker kit. We do all of this! (Though a fireplace log-set isn’t really an appliance, we want to let you know, we do that too!)

  • Garbage Disposals
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Fireplace Log Sets
  • And more!
gas line installation for grills stoves dryers water heaters boilers fireplace, gas shut off valve installation

Gas Lines & Gas Valves

Whether you want to run a new gas line to your grill, dryer, kitchen stove, pool heater, water heater, boiler, fire place, etc... or you have an existing gas line that needs replacing or extending, we can help!

We also install or replace gas shut off valves, which are sometimes referred to as gas cocks. These are used in many different areas of the home. For example, when you want to purchase a new gas stove to replace your old one, you will need to have a valve to shut the gas line off to your stove. If you don’t already have one, many times the delivery company will not hook up your appliance until you do. That’s where we come in. We will install the shut off valve, and if you’d like, we can also hook up your new appliance as well!

new faucet installation, faucet repair and replacement


There is no job too small! Whether your faucet is in need of new washers, stems & seats, or maybe a new cartridge, we can fix it. And if by chance it can’t be repaired, no worries there either!

We have the “know-how” to replace all types of faucets including: Jacuzzi/ Whirlpool faucets, tub/ shower diverter valves, bar/ kitchen sink faucets, laundry/ slop sink faucets, garden/ driveway hose spickets/ hose bibs, commercial hand washing sink faucets, and more.

bathroom remodel, install new fixtures bath kitchen, sink, vanity, toilet

Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom entirely and want to install all new fixtures including bath tub, shower pan, sink, counter top, vanity, and toilet, or just want to change a few things, we can help.

Perhaps you want to replace your existing vanity with a pedestal sink, or maybe just move things over a bit to create room for an even bigger vanity. Whatever your needs are, All Clear can care for them.

water pipe leak repair

Leak Repair

Everyone’s experienced a leak of some sort or another in their lifetime. It’s inevitable! Water pipes can develop leaks over time from things like high PH levels in your water supply. Leaks can also happen when your sewer service or water service lines become separated at a joint or punctured by something like a tree root or a carpenter’s nail.

Pipe leaks can happen almost anywhere. Here are some of the more popular culprits: the trap, tailpiece, or basket strainer under a sink, the flange under the toilet, the drum trap or bell trap under the bathtub, a cracked stack line in or behind a wall, the water heater in the utility room, a pin hole leak in a copper pipe in the basement... and the big one that we all dread—a busted main water line or main sewer line underground.

Wherever you have a leak (with the exception of rain from the roof), we can fix it!

install and repair well water pumps, septic pumps, sump pumps, laundry ejector pumps, condensation pumps


Pumps are an integral part of what keeps things flowing the way we want them to. For example, sewage ejector pumps, need I say more?

When it comes to plumbing and heating, there are all sorts of pumps throughout our homes and businesses, such as: well water pumps, septic pumps, sump pumps, laundry “Drainasaur” ejector pumps, condensation pumps for furnace & A/C, circulator pumps for hot water boilers/baseboard heat, battery backup sump pumps, & water powered backup sump pumps. We do all of these!

And, if by chance, one of these pumps were to fail on you, All Clear can help you then, too. We have the ability to pump water out of basements and other areas if needed.

toilet and urinal repair

Toilets / Urinals

All Clear handles all kinds of repairs on toilets & urinals. We can take care of leaks, whether they are coming from the supply line, shut off valve or handle, from the wax seal or flange area underneath the toilet, or from inside the toilet tank where the fill valve and flapper are located.

All Clear can replace your toilet or urinal if necessary with a new one supplied by us or we can install one that you may have purchased already.

fix gas company violations, gas leak, inspector flags, carbon monoxide leak

Fixing Violations

When the Plumbing Inspector, Housing Inspector, PSE&G or your local gas company shut your gas off because of a gas leak or flag or fail you for some other violation, give us a call!

We will work with the inspectors at the township as well as your utility company if need be to get the matter resolved quickly and properly. Often it is just a minor repair or change that needs to be made in order to bring the situation up to code and make things safe again.

Gas and Carbon Monoxide leaks are something that should be left to the professionals.

leaking washing machine hoses and shutoff valves

Washing Machine Hoses & Various Kinds of Shut-Off Valves

The older water supply lines leading to your washing machine are typically made of rubber. These rubber hoses can become dry and brittle, inevitably causing them to crack and leak. All Clear installs braided metal mesh flexible washing machine hoses so that you can have peace of mind knowing that it won’t become dry-rotted and leak.

All Clear also installs shut-off valves of all sorts, whether it’s for the toilet, sink, refrigerator, or even the main shut-off valve that controls the entire water supply entering your house. One of the more popular valves that we install is the single-handle washing machine valve. You need only to move one lever to shut off both your hot and cold water supply to your washer. This comes in handy when you are going out of town and want to turn off the valves to your major appliances before you leave to help prevent accidental flooding while you’re gone.

irrigation water meter installation

Water Meters for Irrigation

Are you tired of paying your city sewer company dollars upon dollars of unnecessary charges? Your sewer bill is calculated by how many cubic feet of water is used in your home. However, the water that you use for your lawn and garden doesn’t go into the city sewer system. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to pay the sewer company for the water that you use in this way.

The only way to track the difference between the regular use of water in your home and the water used for your lawn and garden is to have an irrigation water meter installed in addition to the meter that is already there. This is a great way to keep your money in your wallet!

well tank installation repair

Well Tanks

Here is another example of one of those things that we who have well water secretly panic about. The idea of having no running water in our homes just makes us cringe! Well, not to worry! All Clear has the knowledge to replace your well tank if it goes belly up! We can also replace things like your well pump, flow check valve, well switch, pressure switch, and other well tank components too.

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